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Patrols the city on foot and patrol vehicle (marked or unmarked).
Gives information to pedestrians and motorists; Check for any law violations; Write citations; directs traffic and investigate traffic accidents.
Responds to radio calls and investigate complaints, disturbances, collisions, administer first aid in emergencies
Watches for suspicious cars, curfew violators and wanted persons; make arrests for violations of laws and ordinances.
Serve warrants, transport prisoners and appear in court
Investigate conditions hazardous to life or property; conducts initial investigations of crimes and crime scenes; may assist detectives in criminal investigation work. Collect and preserve evidence.
Writes reports and Testify in Court as required.

Knowledge of public relations in law enforcement.
Knowledge of principles of first aid.
Ability to be courteous but firm with the public.
Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency conditions.
Ability to make sound decisions.
Skill in observation and memory of places, persons, names and incidents.

Lt. Dave Peoples

Serving since 1996

Sgt. Tim Ferguson

Serving since 2001

Sgt. Zack Wolfe

Serving since 2011

Sgt. Cody Baker

Serving since 2013

Ptl. Eric Miller

Serving since 2008

Ptl. Chris Loudin

Serving since 2008

Ptl Ryan Oliver

Serving since 2012

Ptl. Jarrod Eubanks

Serving since 2013

Ptl Rick Wagner

Serving since 2014

Ptl Devin Ryan

Serving since 2015

Ptl Dustin Gerdua

Serving since 2015

Ptl Zach Smith

Serving since 2015

Ptl Ben Harper

Serving since 2015

Ptl Cory May
Serving since 2016

Ptl. Adam James

Serving since 2016

Ptl. Bridget Vickers

Serving since 2017

Ptl  Justin Larrick

Serving since 2017