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Cambridge Police Department

What does a Police Detective do on a typical day?
Police detectives interview suspects, witnesses, and victims as they try to piece together the story of how the crime
that they are investigating occurred.

They will continue to work diligently on a case until it is solved or until they can go no further with the evidence
and other information they have gathered.

They may be called to testify in court using the evidence and information that has been thoroughly and meticulously
collected and analyzed by the detective, the forensics unit, and its crime lab.

Police detectives are like victim advocates, doing everything they can to get justice for them while keeping them
appraised of the progress of their case.

Capt. Mark Baker
Serving since 1994

Detective Greg Clark
Serving since 1996

Detective Roy Angler
Serving since 1999

Sgt. Detective Chris Gebhart
Serving since 2006

Detective Eric Miller
Serving since 2008

Narcotics Detective Dustin Gerdau
Serving since 2015

Lt. Detective Karl Milam
Serving since 1993

Address:  814 Wheeling Ave Cambridge Oh. 43725

Contracts: Dispatch 740-439-4431       Records 740-439-1101     Fax 740-439-5670