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Job Duties of 911 Dispatchers

The 911 dispatcher is often the unsung professional of the emergency response team. These professionals, who gather
essential information from callers and dispatch the appropriate first responders to the scene, must be able to take
control of situations that may chaotic, heart-wrenching, stressful, confusing, and frenzied.

They must be organized, adept at multi-tasking, level-headed, and trustworthy. Their work within emergency response
services often places them in the middle of life or death situations, so requirements and training for these positions
are often stringent, rigorous and unwavering.

911 dispatchers must respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance and information. They must provide
dispatch and communication support services for police, fire, emergency, and related services.

Essential job functions within a 911 dispatcher’s job description will likely detail the daily duties associated with
the position, which may include the following:

Operate a multi-line telephone console system,
Determine and assign the level of priority of the call and enter the data into a computer-aided dispatch system for
radio dispatch purposes
Perform emergency medical dispatch and crisis intervention services
Monitor and operate a radio console and computer equipment
Receive and respond to a variety of emergency and non-emergency services and complaints
Ask questions to interpret, analyze and anticipate the caller’s situation as to resolve problems, provide information,
dispatch emergency services, or refer callers to other agencies
Dispatch and coordinate the responses of public safety agencies
Identify appropriate number and type of equipment or apparatus to dispatch
Enters and modifies information into local, state and national computer databases
Monitor and respond to a variety of technical systems and alarms
Required Knowledge
A 911 operator job description will likely be very specific about the knowledge required to adequately perform the
job. As such, required knowledge is an important aspect of any 911 dispatcher job description.

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